When Should Tongue-Tie be Corrected and Can Tongue-Tie Correct Itself?

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effects of tongue tie

Parents who realize their infant has tethered oral tissues (TOTs), often called Tongue-Tie, ask when the right time is to treat their child. Truthfully, an infant with TOTs can be treated, as early as the day they are born. Waiting to correct the issue does nothing to improve the latch and can lead to numerous symptoms, such as concentration and attention disorders, poor sleep patterns (sleep apnea), incorrect swallowing, crooked teeth, bedwetting, chronic tiredness, and cranky behavior, snoring, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, inflamed tonsils and adenoids, ear infections, acid reflux and many more.

When mothers are having difficulties attempting breastfeeding, they are often confronted with two different paths. The mother will either be urged by lactation consultants to try harder, or physicians might advise them to simply stop trying to breastfeed and try feeding them formula through a bottle. A child will continue to have issues with securely latching because TOTs do not stretch or tear. If the tongue remains tethered to the floor of the mouth it can lead to blocking of an infant’s airway, which may cause sleep apnea. It could also affect respiration, cause insufficient oxygenation, and delay ideal neurologic development, thus affecting the neuromuscular, respiratory, cardiac, and nervous systems.  

Modern medicine has not been able to decide where breastfeeding problems should be addressed. Since breasts are partially where the problem is observed, is it the OB/GYN physician who should be treating the problem? Or since it is the infant who presents the real source of the problem, does the pediatrician or family practice physician assume the responsibility? All too often neither is equipped to do so and the result is that mothers continue to suffer, and nothing really changes.

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