What Can Laser Dentistry Treat?

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What Can Laser Dentistry Treat?

Laser dentistry can treat all soft tissues procedures with less post-operative pain, faster healing
times, and quicker procedures than traditional dentistry. The main reason Dr. Kusek got
interested in lasers for dental patients. Almost 20 years ago, Dr. Kusek was introduced to
laser dentistry due to his surgical expertise in his profession. What he found, was that he could
decrease his patient’s post-operative pain by over 50%. Dr. Kusek could decrease the healing
time by almost fourfold.

An example is treating babies for Tethered Oral Tissues. Traditionally doing this procedure
would have necessitated the parent to bring the child to the operating room in the hospital to do
the procedure under general sedation. Thus, creating a risk to the baby to the rapidly
developing brain and other risks associated. Lasers allow us to do the procedure in the office
setting with no anesthetic and no sedation. The procedure takes less than 1 minute and is back
into the mother’s arms nursing correctly. Lasers allow us to do the procedure with little or no
bleeding, by cauterizing the site. Local anesthetic is contraindicated for children 18 months or
younger, thus a means to complete treatment safely compared to traditional methods.
Another example is implant treatment. Many times, a tooth gets infected due to failed root
canal, fractured tooth, or other conditions. Traditionally, the tooth would need to be extracted,
grafted in the site, wait for 3-6 months, then place the implant in the lost tooth site. Laser therapy
is the best disinfectant available to remove the infection, thus allowing the implant to be placed
immediately on removal of the diseased tooth, thus saving numerous months of time to
complete the tooth replacement. What was also learned was that lasers made the success of
the implant far greater, as it was able to increase the amount of bone that grows around the
dental implant.

The third example is in use of wisdom teeth extractions. Dr. Kusek has been able to use lasers to
reflect tissues instead of using a surgical knife. The benefit is that it prevents chemicals the
body releases that cause swelling and increase pain. In our office, it is very rare to have
excessive swelling post-operatively as do many specialists that remove wisdom teeth and less
dry sockets post-operatively than other clinicians that do not use lasers in this fashion.
The only issue current with the use of lasers is to remove decay and provide pain-free
treatment. The lasers currently are very slow in the treatment of decay and fillings compared
to traditional methods. In fact, studies show that cutting with lasers on tooth structure can
make the results compromised. One of these studies was done by Dr. Alex Kusek in his third
year of dental school, in fact, the company’s laser we tested on, have failed to recognize this
problem, and has not shared this information with those purchasing the laser.

So again yes, lasers have changed how our practices dentistry for the good and have provided
our patients more comfort, less pain, and faster healing times than traditional methods.


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