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Dr. Edward Kusek



     What a warm summer we have been experiencing! When first looking at my schedule of giving and attending lectures for the year, it didn’t seem like much, but it seems to have filled quite a bit. It all started on January 13-14 at Orlando for a special symposium for a surgical bur that allows implant dentists to do a number of different things without grafting. This saves the patient money and time! A sedation meeting February 13-14 in Vegas followed that. This meeting was to keep up to date with different drugs and procedures for better sedation and increased safety for patients. Next I did a one-day course at Rutgers University School of Dentistry for laser usage with surgical applications. These were practicing dentists from around the country. I was asked by a large corporate dental supply company to speak on behalf of their new laser. They have sent me to Boston, Salt Lake City, Chicago, and Boise to teach a three-hour course on the use of the laser and show how to do some procedures with the laser. In March I lectured for a Minneapolis implant study club. Also during March, our office sponsored a laser lecture for 14 fourth year dental students from University of Nebraska along with two other clinicians. Unfortunately most dental schools don’t offer much, if any, training on laser dentistry, so I was happy to provide this for new dentists. In April, most of the staff attended the Academy of Laser Dentistry’s annual meeting. I provided a lecture on treating implant infections and I was also Scientific Chair for the meeting, meaning I was in charge of developing the entire meeting. Gladly, it was a huge success. During the month of June I lectured and attended the central district meeting for the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) and lectured at the president of AAID’s study club on a basic proficiency course for laser dentistry. I was honored in July as I was awarded my second Lifelong Learning Service Recognition award from Academy of General Dentistry.


     Well, by now, many of you have met my son and associate in the practice. Dr Alex graduated from the University of Nebraska dental school May 5th. On April 29th he became engaged and on May 24th he started seeing patients for the first time in the “real world of dentistry.” No, he doesn’t look like me (more like his older brother), but he has the same gentle hands as I am told that I do. Some of our patients remember him from days before grade school! He is excited to be treating patients. At this time he will be seeing patients for fillings, laser dentistry, and crowns. He is also starting his training for sedation and implant dentistry. It is an honor to have him in our practice and I hope you will be able to meet him at your next cleaning appointment. Dr. Alex and his fiancé, Gabrielle, are excited to be getting married on December 1st, and are hoping for just the right amount of snowfall. Amanda (my daughter and hygienist at the office) is one extremely busy individual. Her twins (Emmylou and Willa) are now 13 months old. They get into trouble in different directions, so she truly must have her head on a swivel. My wife and I watched her three children over a weekend and we realized why the young have kids! Grandma and Grandpa needed naps also! Charlie (she will be 4 in October) has had a good summer with no major medical issues. Her medication list is long and procedures that need to be performed daily are numerous, but Charlie reminds us how precious life is every day, and you should never take it for granted. Charlie was fortunate to receive a Make-A-Wish trip in December to San Diego. Grandma and I tagged along to help with the twins and enjoy the memories. Adam (my oldest son) moved to Des Moines in December. He works for Monsanto and they transferred him to the new seed distribution center. The position is different from his corn research, but some of the work he was performing in the Harrisburg facility has carried over to his new position. He and his wife Tiffin had the first boy of the Kusek grandchildren! Camden Harrison is approaching 5 months as of this newsletter. He is starting to coo and babble and has numerous outfits for shark week (one of his father’s passions!). Unfortunately we do not get to see him as often as we would like, but we try to travel to Des Moines as much as possible with both of our schedules. Even though he lives in Iowa, Camden still has numerous Nebraska outfits! Jody (my wife) has consolidated her three stores into one. It is still at The Bridges at 57th Street (57th & Western Ave.). The consolidation has made for better use of space for each store and less stress for her life, trying to run three stores. The stores are still Forget-Me-Not and Eddy Joy, but are now connected to each other.


      As always, I thank you for the referral of family and friends, and now, with each referral to our office, you will receive a $100 voucher to use on dental treatment done at our office. Have a fun and safe summer!


     Dr. Ed

Happy Holidays from Dr. Kusek!



What a great fall we had, and now unfortunately it’s time for winter.


Fall and winter is busy for me with different speaking engagements. I was invited to speak September 9th in the Minneapolis area on treatment protocols for implants and on use of lasers to prevent gum disease. Dentists and auxiliaries were given hands-on participation for this course. On September 23, our office invited lactation consultants, nurses, and pediatricians for a half -day lecture with Dr. Annette Skowronski from Detroit, MI. Dr. Skowronski spoke to us on effects of not treating lip and tongue -ties at an early stage. Jeannette Miranda and I lectured to hygienists and doctors on October 14th in the Sun City West area of Arizona. The topic was on use of diode and CO2 lasers to treat hard and soft tissue in the oral cavity. At the end of October, I attended the annual American Academy of Implant Dentistry meeting. I participated in some hands-on courses for soft tissue grafting and use of special biologics to aid in healing. It also gave me a chance to visit with some of my colleagues from all parts of the country. On November 11-12, I participated in Academy of Laser Dentistry’s board meeting and project planning sessions. Later that month, on November 26-29, I was extremely honored to speak for two days at the Greater New York meeting, the largest dental meeting in the United States. I lectured there on proper maintenance for implants and how to treat infected implants. The lecture was offered twice during the 4 day meeting. I also taught a hands-on course on how to obtain a patient’s blood in order to use it in surgical procedures to provide increased healing.


January will include attending a specialized course to expand bone in the oral cavity and teaching a course in New Jersey to a group of specialists on the use of dental lasers to treat implants.


My family, as I stated in the last newsletter, grew by two. Amanda’s twins are now 5 months old! They are a great bundle of joy, which we get to experience close-up, as Amanda & Chris and family are living with us temporarily! They purchased an existing home to allow Chris more room for his construction business equipment. They put their house on the market and it sold in a week. So Grandma and I get to watch the girls grow! Charlie is now 3 and is doing well, holding her own. She amazes us all! Recently, Make-a-Wish gave Charlie her wish to visit the San Diego Zoo and other sights in the area. What a great organization to provide such wishes to children! Amanda is working two half days to keep up her hygiene skills and to talk to adults for a few hours a week! Chris’s flat concrete business has been very busy, especially during the awesome fall weather.


Adam (my oldest son) and his wife, Tiffin, are expecting a boy in the middle of March! This will be the first “Kusek” lineage to be born! I tease Adam that I hope that he experiences a child EXACTLY like he was growing up! In November, he told us he is being transferred to Des Moines for Monsanto, so it looks like we will be traveling to Des Moines for visits. Tiffin’s pregnancy has been going well, barely showing at this point. Once they get relocated, she will look for a new job in the field of microbiology. Hey, this could mean the birth of a little soccer player and Cornhusker fan (even though his mother is a Hawkeye fan)!


Alex, my youngest, will start working with our practice in May, 2017, after graduation. I have been waiting for this event for more than 10 years! After my last associate, I decided to wait and see if he was interested medicine or dentistry. I’m so thankful that he chose dentistry!! His presence will definitely help ease the load of a very busy practice. I’m also pleased that all of our patients, who’ve come to feel like family, will have a great clinician to take over when the time comes to retire (which will hopefully be quite a few years). Once he starts, he will be taking extra courses to train for implants and sedation. Then the mentoring will begin!



Jody has been very busy with her three stores (Forget-me-Not, Eddy Joy and Harrisburg’s Forget-me-Not). It’s handy to own a baby store with three babies in the family! I hope all is well with you and that you have a wonderful holiday season; and as always we are so grateful for your confidence in us by referring your family and friends.


Dr. Ed

Summer 2016 Newsletter

Hope all is well with you.  Summer has been a very hot one.  At the time of writing this letter we are in the midst of heat and humidity that make you want to stay inside as much possible. 


This summer, I have been busy with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry’s testing for dentists from all over the world who are interested in getting their credentials in the Academy.  In June, I traveled to Fort Lauderdale for the Academy of Laser Dentistry’s board meeting, of which I am secretary for the executive board.  In the middle of June I was chairman of the Academy of Laser Dentistry’s testing committee.  The questions were all changed to a new format this year, fitting a psychometric type of test.  Questions needed to fit a certain criteria with no negative questions.  It took me and the committee two full days to complete this task!  The rest of the summer has been spent waiting for my daughter to give birth to twins!!   In September, we will sponsor a seminar speaking to lactation consultants and pediatric physicians on how treating lip and tongue-ties can reduce problems with the development of babies.  This fall I will again be lecturing on implants and laser.


My family has grown by two little girls!  On June 27th, Emmylou Ann and Willa Joyce Voegeli were born.  They were both 5 lbs, 15 oz.  Emmy was born at 7:14 pm, but Willa had a difficult time delivering and it was decided to do an emergency c-section to bring her into the world.  When she was delivered at 8:06, they found that she had not been breathing.  She was placed in a cooling blanket and on a respirator.  After two weeks of continued progress, she was able to leave NICU.  Emmy had continued to progress and was able to leave with her mom after 4 days.  Today, both continue to do well and celebrate their first month birthday.  Each day they look more and more alike. It will be fun watching them grow!  Charlie is approaching 3 years old. She is fitting into her role as big sister.  After a tough winter, she continues to be doing well.   They had changed some of her medications and that has helped.  Her Leighs Syndrome has left her without use of most of her muscle, but we enjoy each day we get to spend with her.  Adam, my oldest, is in his busiest time of the year, working for Monsanto.  Recently he was asked to go to Mexico to aid in training others on some of the projects he has been doing here in Sioux Falls.  Tiffin has had a busy summer, getting as much sun as possible! Amanda’s life, as I had mentioned, is changing dramatically with twins, but those that know her know she is one of the most organized individuals.  Twins, along with Charlie’s special needs are definitely going to be a challenge, but we believe she is able to handle it all with grace.  Chris is super busy with flat concrete work by day and helping with childcare at night! Alex has started his final year of dental school.  He had a summer clinic, in which he was able to do a number of advanced procedures.  For the past three weeks, Alex has been doing his rotation at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  After that, he will be traveling to Hawaii to attend his girlfriend’s brother’s wedding.  Our families, except for the Voegeli’s, traveled to Phoenix for my nephew’s high school graduation.  We were able to do some golfing, play at TopGolf, and tube down Salt River.  We had a great time that was very relaxing! My wife, Jody, has been busy planning another Forget Me Not location which will be opening the end of August. The new store is near Harrisburg next to Schoeneman’s Lumber. She will be expanding her home décor line and adding custom window treatments and clothing. You can watch her Facebook posts for further details.


I hope all are having a great summer and thank you, as always, for the referral of family and friends.  Here’s a picture of the Voegeli twins!   


Dr. Ed Kusek

Spring/Summer 2016 Newsletter



Hope all is well with you. Spring sure is a mixed bag this year, starting warm then snowing again. At the time that I’m writing this newsletter, I had to drive through areas of heavy snow from Elk Point to south of Sioux City. At one point it took me one hour to go 15 miles! I was traveling to speak at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry. My topic was dental lasers through the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD). We discussed a number of options on the use of lasers in different applications. Attendees were from first to fourth year dental students, of which my youngest son is a third year. Since last newsletter I took the staff to the Chicago Midwinter meeting at the end of February. Well, I had good intentions, but due to conditions of heavy winds in Chicago, we ended up missing a full day of classes. The classes that we did attend were beneficial though! In March I am heading up a testing committee for the ALD in Chicago. Four other clinicians and I are re-writing all past questions that are given for different testing in this organization. The experience that I have with American Academy of Implant Dentistry on the testing and credentialing committee gives me expert status for this organization. In mid-March I completed a refresher training course for IV sedation from my mentor, Dr Dan Becker, in Dayton, OH. He is still the toughest instructor I have EVER had, always keeping you on your toes and definitely teaching new things in sedation dentistry. April will be busy with the annual meeting for ALD (Laser), at which I will be presenting a hands-on course for half a day on how to treat an ailing implant. Next year I will be in charge of organizing the entire annual meeting. I hope to have one of the largest and most educational meetings ever produced, with a little fun! The end of April will include a laser course sponsored by our practice for dentists and hygienists on the use of dental lasers. In May, I hope to take a course from one of my other mentors, Dr Jim Rukowski. Dr Rukowski is retiring and this may be his last seminar. He is speaking on using biologic material to grow bone and soft tissue, which is very cutting edge material!


My family is growing, as my daughter, Amanda is expecting twins at the end of June. She is a very tiny individual so we are all praying that her pregnancy is uneventful. My wife’s family does have twins in their history, but this will be the first for Identical twins! Baby A and Baby B are doing great, growing every day and fighting for space! Amanda continues to work as a hygienist in my office until the doctors tell her it is not prudent to. She also does the books for her husband, Chris. She is a true multi-tasker! Charlie has reached 2 1/2 years of age. After a tough winter, with a few setbacks, she is doing better than she has in a long time with her Leigh’s disease (a degenerative mitochondrial disease). She is moving her hands better and is waiting for Grandpa Kusek to hide her Easter basket with all kinds of fun stuff Grandma has picked up! Adam is thirty something now. He was asked by Monsanto to go to Hawaii for a month to help organize the sub-station there. In month he was able to straighten out numerous things that had been left behind. I guess they like to just “hang out”! Adam and his wife Tiffin, were then able to spend one week on a vacation to explore Hawaii. Alex has almost completed his third year in dental school and is committing to come back to work in my office. I have eagerly awaited this, to mentor him, and hand down the practice to him. The last year of dental school is a busy one, but I am sure time will go quickly. He seems to have more free time this year to find female relationships! Jody is always shopping for new and exciting things to add to her stores, Forget Me Not and Eddy Joy, which occupies a lot of her time along with babysitting for Charlie. Jody and I are finally getting a chance to get away together before all of the new changes in the family. She will join me in April at the laser meeting in Orlando.


As always, thank you for your referrals of family and friends. We could not ask for a better compliment, and we truly appreciate it!


Happy Spring and Summer!


Dr. Ed Kusek

Fall 2015 Newsletter



Hope all is well with you. The fall weather has been outstanding! Let’s hope it continues. September was the start of a very busy schedule. It began with my participation on the test writing committee of the Admissions and Credential board of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. On this committee we re-write questions that do not fall with psychometric analysis. As a clinician, it’s a great way to learn current topics and become re-oriented with what is constant knowledge. The next week I lectured to a group of clinicians in Minneapolis on dental implants and different treatment options on complicated cases. Two weeks later was the annual meeting of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. As president of the central district of the academy, I had numerous meetings to attend, friends to re-acquaint with and introductions to clinical presentations. During my presidency I was able to have one of the best regional meetings regarding content and financial success. I was given the pleasure of presenting a grant to a 4th year dental student, give a check to the foundation from the funds received at our regional meetings, and leave the district in a great position financially and politically with the academy. I also received Honored Fellow distinction from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. This is the highest level that can be attained by the AAID. The following week I spoke at the American Dental Association’s annual meeting in Washington D.C. The lectures covered laser treatment of periimplantitis (infection around the implant) and use of lasers on hard tissue. At the end of November, I will be attending a private meeting for a new implant design that a certain company plans to produce. They have asked a number of clinicians for their ideas for marketing the product. As a special bonus, this meeting will be held at the Greater New York Meeting, the largest dental meeting in the United States. I was also invited by another company at the same meeting to view a new laser that they will put on the market at this meeting. Doubly exciting!!


My family’s latest updates are as follows: Charlie, my granddaughter, celebrated her second birthday in mid October. She suffers from Leigh’s disease, a degenerative mitochondrial disease. We were told she would not live to see her first birthday, so this was a special event. We all dressed in western wear because the theme of the party was “This ain’t my first RODEO… it’s my second!!” She even had her own pink cowboy boots to wear! It was a great day of celebration. Alex, my youngest son is well into his third year of dental school. He is now treating patients, performing all types of procedures. I am anxiously awaiting his graduation and his joining our practice! Amanda is busy with her daughter’s special needs, working hygiene in my practice, and handling her husband’s billings for his flat concrete business. Adam announced that he will be going back to Hawaii for Monsanto, where he will be doing corn studies. He gets three weeks of work and one week of fun, so his wife, Tiffin will accompany as well! Jody, my wife, is now busy with the Christmas season in her stores. It will be a month of heavy sales for Forget Me Not and Eddy Joy!


As always, thank you for your referrals of family and friends. We couldn’t ask for a better compliment, and we truly appreciate it!



Dentist Visits Can Help Students Perform In School

Mouth Condition Can Hinder Breastfeeding

When Alicia Erikson gave birth to her son Archer, she thought she'd be a pro at nursing. After all, this is her second son. "With our first child it went so smoothly," Erikson said.

But with Archer, she had difficulty getting a proper latch.

"He was getting mad, and I was getting frustrated thinking it was something with me," Erikson said.

Because of the health and bonding benefits, many new moms want to nurse. But sometimes a common medical condition makes that more difficult.

After talking with several health professionals, she found out her son had a lip and tongue tie. That's when an unusually short, thick or tight band of tissue restricts the tongue's range of motion.

"One of the first signs is if the baby is having a tough time latching on the mother's breast, and if they have a lot of clicking," Family & Implant Dentistry Dentist Edward Kusek said.

Other symptoms: A baby may have trouble sticking his tongue past the lower front teeth or difficulty moving the tongue from side to side.

"A lot of times, too, the mothers say the babies take a long time to nurse," Kusek said.

Treatment for tongue-tie is controversial. While some health professionals prefer to take a wait-and-see approach, others try procedures. Dentist Edward Kusek uses a CO2 laser.

"It basically cuts the frenums very quickly. We can get a procedure done in just a few seconds," Kusek said.

That's what Erikson opted to do.

"(It was) quick and fast. No bleeding," Erikson said. For her, it's made a huge difference.

"It went from him not being able to nurse to us being successful at nursing," Erikson said. "I'm so grateful to have that bond with him that we wouldn't have been able to have."

Studies show tongue ties affects anywhere from four to 11 percent of babies.

An internationally-known expert is talking about the condition on Monday in Sioux Falls.

Dr. Lawrence Kotlow will provide information about how lip and tongue ties impact breastfeeding during a course on Monday, July 27t. The course is from 2 to 5:30 p.m. at the Schroeder Auditorium in the main building of Sanford Hospital. The cost is 35 dollars.




Summer 2015 News



Hope all is well with everyone. Spring was a very busy few months. At the end of April we held a laser seminar at our office. Clinicians from all over the Midwest came to our office for this two-day meeting. In the middle of May, I was one of the examiners testing doctors who were there to obtain their credentials from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Doctors from all over the world come to Chicago to test their knowledge of implant dentistry. My responsibility is to find out by oral examination if they possess adequate knowledge to pass the exam. I went back to Chicago the first part of June to attend a board meeting for the Academy of Laser Dentistry. The organization’s purpose is to educate dentists and auxiliaries on proper use of lasers in dentistry. The board gives direction for the Academy. Then the following week I was back in Chicago for the American Academy of Implant Dentistry’s Central District Meeting. As president, I had a major part in planning and taking care of all of the final details for the meeting. The two-day event was a total success; it was called the best meeting ever held! The topic was “Controversies in Implant Dentistry”. I also spoke on Immediate Implant Placement. The meeting concluded two years of planning! I have been invited to attend a meeting at the end of the month for implant dentistry and it’s in, you guessed it, Chicago! On July 27th our practice is sponsoring a lecture on lip and tongue-ties in infants. We have invited our referring doctors and lactation nurses in the area to hear Dr. Lawrence Kotlow, who is a world-renowned speaker on this subject. He is also the doctor from whom I learned to perform this procedure. If any of our patients are nurses and would like to attend, please call the office to get an invitation to this event. Finally, in August, my youngest son, Alex and I will travel to Salt Lake City, Utah to conduct a study on bond strength with the newest laser on the market. He will then present these results as part of his third year dental school project and later will be able to publish the results, as it is a study that has not yet been done.

My granddaughter’s condition continues to progress, unfortunately. She continued to have seizures that affected her breathing. The physicians increased her seizure medication, but this has made her a pretty sleepy little girl. She just turned 20 months old, and when she was diagnosed with Leigh’s disease, she was predicted to make it only to her first birthday. One thing that our family has learned is that there are so many people that have some type of cross they have had to bear in life. We are grateful for the time we have with our little angel.

Amanda and Chris were able to go for an anniversary get away in Chicago. Amanda introduced Chris to a few of her favorite restaurants in the windy city and they were able to see Chris’s favorite baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds. Adam and Tiffin, who also have an anniversary in June, went to the Black Hills to celebrate their first anniversary. They did some camping and site seeing. Alex has started his third year of dental school, which means he is now working on patients. He was able to attend the Chicago meeting on dental implants and he learned a number of things that we weren’t able to learn in dental school. My wife would like to offer the readers of this newsletter 20% off on any one item from her stores, Forget-Me-Not and Eddy Joy at the 57th & Bridges.

Again thanks again for the referral of family and friends and have a GREAT SUMMER!


Dr. Kusek

Spring 2015 Newsletter



As I write this letter, we are having warm weather and it’s almost like Spring!


In November, I was elected president of the Central District of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), the only bona fide credentialing organization of implant dentistry.  I also gave a three-hour lecture at the annual meeting, on using laser dentistry to treat failing implants.  In December, I lectured at the Greater New York meeting, (the largest dental meeting in the United States).  It was a two-day lecture on the use of lasers in dentistry.  I attended the annual national meeting of the Academy of Laser Dentistry in February.  I was initially scheduled to lecture two times at the meeting, but some problems arose when one lecturer had a medical condition that required emergency treatment and another had a death in his family.  So, I ended up doing three more lectures at the meeting!  Recently I was asked to be on the advisory board of the largest dental publication in the United States.  It will require me to write one article a year and review articles submitted for publication by other clinicians.  The staff and I will be attending the Hinman meeting in Atlanta, GA in March.  The meeting has a number of different continuing education classes for the entire staff.  We try to always keep abreast of all of the newest techniques and technology.


March marked time that my entire family was able to take a vacation to Orlando and Clear Water, Florida.  We have planned to take in Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, Gulf fishing and relaxing on Clear Water Beach.  It’s been a rough year for my granddaughter (Charlie, 17 months). She was finally diagnosed with a degenerative central nervous system disease called Leigh’s disease.  Before Christmas, she had a feeding tube placed to help prevent vomiting and keep her weight up.  This vacation is time for my family to be together, because as the family grows, we all are all moving in different directions.  It’s a time to slow down and enjoy being with each other, time to make happy memories that we can cherish, for whatever the future holds. 


Thank you so much for the referral of your family and friends to our office.  We offer a bonus “thank you” of $75 for referral to our office for use on dental treatment at our office.  It is almost two years from now when my youngest son will hopefully join my practice. 


Hope this letter finds you healthy. Let’s hope Spring is just around the corner!


Have a happy Spring!


Dr. Ed Kusek


Winter 2014 Greeting from Dr. Kusek

Winter Greetings!


Well, winter is here. The best part of it, is the days start getting longer! Hope this newsletter finds all well. Since the last newsletter I have started a study club with area dentists. We meet monthly and bring cases that we share for ideas with each other and then discuss one case that is provided by the organizational provider (Spear Education). In October, I presented to a group of laser educators the use of the new laser that I have been using this past year. The same weekend I attended a board meeting for the Academy of Laser Dentistry, an organization I am a member of. The first part of November I attended the annual meeting of the Academy of Implant Dentistry. During this meeting I was elected president of the central district. States included are South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and the central part of Canada. This is a year-long commitment, which requires organizing a two-day educational meeting. Also at this meeting I gave a lecture/participation course that was well-attended and received great reviews. The first part of December I lectured for two days at the Greater New York meeting on dental lasers. This is the largest dental meeting in the United States. I also have been asked to help write test questions for those interested in getting their credentials in implant dentistry in January.


My family activities include the following: Alex (23 and my youngest) has finished his first semester of his second year at dental school at the University of Nebraska. He still has many didactic courses, but has begun performing procedures on patients. Hopefully his sister and I can help with his anesthetic technique and doing dental cleanings. It’s very exciting stuff for him and me. Amanda (27 years old) has had a challenging past year. She has helped her husband by managing his books for his new business, working three days a week as a hygienist and is a mom for a child with special needs. Chris, Amanda’s husband had a very busy year with his concrete business. No vacations this year! Adam has finished harvesting for his corn plots and completed his research for the year for Goss-Wilt disease. Tiffin & Adam got married this summer and had a great time on their honeymoon in Costa Rica. It happened to be at the same time as the World Cup games; the island was is in a buzz! Tiffin is always kept busy at her job at Poet, but she enjoys it very much. Charlie, my granddaughter (14 months), has had a challenging young life. She has a condition called Leigh’s Disease, which is a degenerative neurometabolic Disease that affects the central nervous system. She has been hospitalized four times, but is a real trouper through the whole ordeal. She has given us great joy each day and we cherish each day that we get to enjoy her. The holidays are busy for my wife, with her two stores, Forget-me-Not and Eddy Joy. The year has been busy not only with working with her stores, but also with helping babysit our granddaughter.


                                   Wishing seasons greetings to all and as always,

THANK YOU for the referral of family and friends!