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A dental implant is a titanium metal replacement for the root of a tooth that is surgically implanted in the jawbone. As the body heals for approximately three months after surgery, the bone around the implant fuses to the implant.

How to Choose an Implant Dentist


When having dental implants done, you should select a dentist or dental team with in-depth knowledge and prior experience in all aspects of the treatment. At Family & Implant Dentistry we have the expertise. We are Sioux Falls' only board certified implant dentist. And we will see the implant process through to the end. We perform the surgery, place the finished case, and clean & maintain the implants.
Dr. Kusek is a pioneer in the field of laser-assisted implant dentistry. He has developed new techniques for implant dentistry that allows for quicker healing, less pain, and exceptional esthetic results. No one else in the Midwest performs these same techniques.

Are You a Candidate?


At Family & Implant Dentistry we begin with a thorough evaluation of the patient's medical and dental history and a full clinical examination of the entire mouth. The clinical exam will also include specific x-rays, followed by a cone-beam CAT scan, study models, and clinical measurements if you choose to proceed with treatment.
After assessing the patient from a 3-D computer generated program, we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan, From this, implants are precisely placed by a computer generated positioning device under intravenous sedation with local anesthetic.
What is the pain associated with dental implants? Patients were interviewed 3-4 days post-operatively on how much pain they felt. The following number represents a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being absolutely no pain, 5 meaning they needed constant pain medication, and 10 being the most severe pain ever experienced.
  Dr. Kusek's
Traditional Methods
in Surgery
Implant Placement 1.5 3.0
Sinus Lift 2.5 5.0
Tissue Graft 2.0 5.0
Block Graft 3.5 7.0
At Family & implant Dentistry we have also used the laser to increase the quality of bone in the patient's jaw, thus increasing the success rate. Placing enough implants to restore teeth is another vitally important factor concerning the long-term success of the restoration. Simply stated, the most costly mistake is to have an implant fail because not enough implants are placed to support the teeth.

There are many types of implants that are either placed directly into the jaw (endosseous) or those resting on the jawbone (subperiosteal). The American Dental Association considers both to be acceptable and Dr. Kusek is qualified to do both as well as all bone and soft tissue grafting. At Family & Implant Dentistry, we are technically advanced to make a successful transition to dental implants. At the same time, Dr. Kusek and his staff are equally concerned about the quality, comfort, and personal touch for all of our patients during and after the treatment. We also have easy options for financial plans to aid in making implant dentistry affordable.


Dental Implant FAQs