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Dental Technology in Sioux Falls, SD

At Kusek Family & Implant Dentistry, Dr. Edward Kusek, Dr. Andrew Schuiteman, and our team use state-of-the-art art dental technology and advanced techniques to help our patients achieve optimal oral care. Patients of all ages can enjoy the long-lasting benefits of our advanced dental technologies, and these treatments do more than just improve aesthetics. They also improve the safety of dental care. With our advanced dental technologies, the risks of complications such as infection, pain, and tooth loss are eliminated. With our advanced dental technology and some innovative procedures, we are able to provide our patients with faster healing and better results while experiencing minimal discomfort. Several of our dental technologies have also improved the efficiency and accuracy of our dental procedures, allowing patients to get the care they need in a fraction of the time and cost.

The advanced dental technologies we use at our dental practice include:

  • 3D Cone Beam Imaging
  • 3Shape Same-Day Dentistry
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Photobiomodulation Therapy

At Kusek Family & Implant Dentistry, we offer a full range of services, including cosmetic and implant dentistry in a relaxed dental environment. To learn more about our dental services or to schedule your consultation with one of our dentists, call us at 605-371-3443 or visit us at 4921 E. 26th St., Suite 1, Sioux Falls, SD 57110. 


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